Desert bound for a spiritual adventure....
I have always been infatuated with the desert yet it was not until recently that I had the chance to see it in person. I have an old friend who lives in Scottsdale Arizona whom I had not seen in many years since her move from Nashville, after a conversation by phone we made a plan to reunite, I talked another friend to go with me, booked an Airbnb in the Sedona area for a few days and we were on our way. 

Sedona is one of the top spots people love for spiritual connection and I wanted to not only enjoy being there but also take in the trip by car to and from Scottsdale. I needed some down time from the bustle of the city and wanted to slip into the quiet of nature. These are some of my favorite images from my travels and I have to say it was stunningly beautiful. 

For those of you wondering about the gear and software I used on this trip it is listed below:

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